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About us

Transformer Design


During the last 15 years Stevanović trafo grew up from garage workshop to well based company for manufacturing of transformers, coils and other wound components. More than 30 years of experience in field of electronics we transfer into good industrial design and passion in fulfilling specific customer demands.

Our Sales Engineers and Design Engineers will be happy to assist you in adjusting power applications to your device needs.


Standard products


We can offer wide range of standard products that will cover most of the needs. We can offer variety range of EI transformer:

  • 1VA-30VA dry type transformers for PCB montage
  • 0,5VA-40VA encapsulated transformer for PCB montage
  • 30VA-1000VA control transformers with terminal blocks
  • 100VA-4000VA isolation transformers
  • 30VA-200VA control transformers with terminal blocks for DIN rail
  • 100VA-300VA encased transformer for DIN rail

Mono-phase transformers UI type:

  • 3VA-25VA encapsulated transformers for PCB montage (low height)
  • 100VA-20kVA isolation transformer

Three-phase transformers 3UI type:

  • 100VA-30kVA isolation transformers

Mono and three-phase transformers for supplying medical devices


Custom design products


Despite variety of standard products we are offering to a market, the majority of Stf-trafo products are custom designed. Every day couple of new designs are requested from our R&D department. The product range covers from small 5x5mm transformers winded with 0,016mm wire to 40kVA three phase transfomers.We also produce output and adapter audio transformers for 100V line and tube amplifiers.

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